5 Tips to Improve Posture

  1. When sitting, sit up tall and sit all the way back on the seat, make sure your feet can comfortably reach the floor, use a lumbar support roll, and try to rest arms on a table, desk, or armrests.
  2. When standing, stand up tall as if someone was measuring your height, keep your feet hip width apart with your weight balanced evenly between both legs, and try to stand with legs straight, but avoid locking out your knees.
  3. Set reminders! Think of something you do a lot throughout the day. Some examples might include checking the time, looking at your phone, or checking your email. Make it a habit that whenever you do this thing, you assess your posture and correct it as needed.
  4. Don’t expect perfection. It is very important to recognize that none of us are going to sit or stand with perfect posture all the time, however just being aware of our posture throughout the day can be very helpful!
  5. See a physical therapist! If you have implemented these strategies and are still having difficulties with your posture, get in to see your physical therapist! There are many specific exercises that can be done to improve your postural strength!

Allison Loudenback, PT, DPT