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"Absolutely the best!!! I have unfortunately had to have many post op rehabs after playing sports for many years and I will go NO where else besides MSOP! They care not just about your rehab but about you personally! Allison has always been the best to the point my kids love to come with me so they can see her! This is a place that wants the best in care for you and in your life moving forward!"
Oct 07, 2019

Success Stories

“My therapist has been wonderful. I have been to many therapists over the years and no one has helped & improved my pain like her!! She is the best, I will recommend this facility & my PT to everyone in need of physical therapy!! The staff were all wonderful as well. Thank you.”

– Karen D.

“I was pretty discouraged when I first came to Mallers & Swoverland PT. I was in pain and my mobility was very limited. I found patient care that motivated me to slowly improve my ability to function at home & outside the home. I am thankful for the skill & compassion that was given throughout my treatment.”

– Kathy E.

“When I came to Mallers & Swoverland I had a great amount of back & leg pain. As a result of PT treatments from my therapist, my pain has been greatly reduced and I am able to function on a daily basis doing most things without pain.”

– Charles W.

“Very good treatment, I feel very good with very little pain. My therapist did a great job in helping me.”

– Gerald K.

“Adrienne (Administrative Assistant) was fabulous and so helpful. My therapist is the best…made us so comfortable.”

– Loretta H.

“When I started 10 weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep & was in pain. As the days and weeks went by & the exercises that I did helped a whole lot. My PT was great & was very honest and open with me. Everyone I met was kind and polite, I felt very welcomed. Going to miss them. Thank you all for everything.”

– Melanie G.

“I used all the advice my therapist gave me. My dizziness was much improved and my neck pain was totally gone in 3 days. Her plan of treatment was so quick and easy. Just a few exercises & different sleep plan.”

– Gail K.

“When I first came to Mallers & Swoverland I had been tolerating constant neck pain for many months; many times to the point of tears and sleepless nights. I felt valued and encouraged after my first appointment with my physical therapist. He provided steady treatment, as well as manipulation, when needed and a program for me to do at home. Within a couple weeks the pain had been reduced, posture improved, and I could move without pain.

As therapy was completed I was sent away with the tools and tips to help me maintain a manageable pain free life. I cannot compliment my therapist and his abilities enough. He is knowledgeable, respectful, incredibly skilled, & never did I leave a session without him taking the time to say goodbye & make sure that I was good to leave. (He does this for each of his patients!)

I would be remiss not to mention his staff. From the scheduler who welcomed me to each appointment & handled those endless insurance questions, to the technicians who assisted, made the visit comfortable, & kept the patients moving. Each person made therapy a pleasant experience. Leaving them at my last appointment was like leaving a group of friends. Loved the location too!

Thank you Mallers & Swoverland for providing relief, educating me, and helping me have pain free moments again!”

– Marilyn K.

“Great location, timely appointments, quiet atmosphere, very friendly, caring, and professional. My progress is amazing! The evaluations are very helpful and encouraging.”

– Carolyn S.

“Extremely pleased with the care and concern I have experienced. My therapist worked very closely with my physicians to understand my problems and accomplish my goals of returning to a normal lifestyle. I could not be more pleased!”

– Kay J.

“My PT program was personalized and adjusted as my symptoms fluctuated. My therapist was encouraging in reviewing progress made and was also supportive when plateaus in progress was reached; outlining recommendations following discharge from PT.”

– Sandra V.

“Thank you to my wonderful therapist, for discovering the difference in the length of my legs, and providing the heel lift insert to alleviate my hip pain.”

– Marianne K.

“The atmosphere of the office is very calming.”

– Cindy J.

“I appreciate the entire staff’s concern and prompt replies to any questions I had. The office is always on time, clean and everyone is very friendly.”

– Janet R.

“When I started therapy, I was in extreme pain and didn’t have any feeling in my finger. I am now almost pain free and feeling has returned to my finger.”

– Leah G.

“The staff at the SW Jefferson location enjoy their work and it shows. They are professional, warm and helpful. My therapist has been estremely helpful and patient with me. Adrienne is so great in her job too.”

– Rita S.

“This is my second time through therapy with these awesome folks! For my back 2 years ago and now my knee S& back again.”

– Denise S.

“I honestly didn’t think PT would work, but I’m thrilled to say it has been fantastic! I am definitely making progress.”

– Jill S.

“I feel like I came to the right place. Everything I’ve done here has helped me reach my goals and I am thankful. Everyone is great here.”

– Thomas M.

“I am grateful I found my therapist. I feel I have more mobility and am stronger. My therapist is caring and answers all questions and explains all questions asked. My therapists spends time with me and I never feel rushed or pushed out the door. The front desk is always friendly and greets with a smile. I feel lucky to have found this place for my recovery.”

– Amy S.

“I’ve been to P.T. several times before, in the past, and this has been, by far, my best experience. My therapist has explained my situation(with my neck) thoroughly and worked with me patiently. I would highly recommend Mallers & Swoverland.”

– Roxanne S.

“I am very happy with my progress and so is my physician. I am very pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff! I will definitely return here if I need treatment in the future.”

– Virginia R.

“The whole staff is excellent. I felt like I was at home every visit. The rehab was excellent. I will recommend you to everyone who needs P.T. Thank you.”

– Tony G.

“I was so discouraged and actually considering surgery! I am so thankful my doctor recommended my therapist. I am actually able to play and hike with kids for the first time in 6 months! It is amazing!!”

– Kim K.

“Outstanding Therapy! I am impressed by my therapist’s knowledge, the facilities, and the staff. It has been beneficial over the years to relieve my arthritis pain and to show me what to do on an ongoing basis.”

– Dennis B.

“This is the most professional and friendly business I have ever experienced. I have had a lot of medical issues and some ‘not so good’ experiences. Mallers and Swoverland, A++.”

– Angela M.

“I am by no means an expert on physical therapy, but after having no results from the first place, the doctor gave me the option to change to a different therapist. Mallers & Swoverland was chosen and what a large difference! I have worked with only one therapist and I am doing well. Thank you very much to my therapist for all the hard work.”

– Johnnie T.

“Very friendly and professional. I have had good results with this treatment for a painful back. With physical therapy, I am relatively pain free.”

– Mary M.

“My therapist was able to identify my back situation immediately. He worked with me to develop an exercise routine that has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I now have days with no back discomfort and I am more active that I have been for a long time. My therapist is a caring and positive person that you can trust. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

– Sean H.

“I have been undergoing an extended period of recovery from reconstructive knee surgeries. While working with me as a patient, Mallers and Swoverland Orthopaedic Physical Therapy has made me feel comfortable and confident. The entire staff has treated me with compassion, patience, respect and sincerity. They have truly made mine a success story.”

– Julie G.

“After experiencing some physical therapy that made me regress, I was on edge when my new doctor wrote an order to undergo a series of treatments. I didn’t want to go through PT again. Then a mutual friend recommended that I call Mallers & Swoverland and I have now experienced something entirely different. I’m making good progress that impressed my doctor and me.

Thank you, Mallers & Swoverland, for making a difference.”

– Cheryl C.

“Going to Mallers & Swoverland has been the best experience. Having on going back & neck problems; Gail is a great physical therapist, she has compassion & knowledge in everything she does. The staff is all great, you are always greeted with a cheerful Hello. Everyone makes you feel welcomed. A very heartfelt thank you for helping my body feel so much better.”

– Susan C.

“Everyone, especially the staff at Mallers & Swoverland Northeast/Stellhorn are very caring & dilige…nt about providing the utmost quality of physical therapy!”

– Mary R.

“I am pain free for the first time since March of 2015! The results I gained from Adam’s care were above beyond my expectations!”

– Elizabeth C.

“My treatment plan progressed ahead of schedule. Doug was very professional and very compassionate. Office staff and assistants were very helpful and caring as well.”

– Connie S.

“Thank you for getting me on the way to full recovery after my knee replacement. You were great and helped me to recover faster than I expected. Be assured I will recommend you to my friends & relatives & I will be back if I need more therapy.”

– Sue F.

“I have always had great care and therapy from Doug. I have recommended friends over the years to Mallers & Swoverland and they too have been pleased. Gentle, painless and successful physical therapy.”

– Marilyn M.

“I have been totally impressed from my first visit. My therapist was very professional and yet took an interest in you. The entire staff was awesome. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the staff at Mallers & Swoverland.”

– Pamela R.

“Thank you for your wonderful care. Doug your expert treatment & compassion are #1. Madison your dedication to patient care & your friendly disposition will make you an excellent PT, good luck to finishing your degree. Judy, thanks for all the scheduling & billing expertise! You help make for smooth sailing during my Medicare transition.”

– Connie S.