5 Tips for Improving Balance at Home

  1. Remove any obstacles that may be tripping hazards. These items may include throw rugs, extension cords, or general clutter. Throw rugs are often considered the most common tripping hazard in the home.
  2. Keep a nightlight on in the bathroom. Our eyes contribute a lot to our sense of balance. Walking with rooms and hallways well-lit can have a big impact on feeling steadier on our feet!
  3. Take advantage of handrails and grab bars. Use hand rails when going up and down stairs. Consider installing grab bars in the shower and around the toilet to assist in areas that may be more slippery.
  4. Wear shoes and avoid loose-fitting clothing. Shoes will give our feet better grip, especially on floors that are not carpeted. Loose-fitting clothes can have the tendency to drag, which can become a tripping hazard when we walk.
  5. Practice, practice, practice! Complete exercises that challenge your balance! These may include, standing on one leg, standing with your feet together, or standing with one foot directly in front of the other. It is always important to remember safety-first when completing any balance exercises. So, try to do them at your kitchen sink to have something to hold onto as needed.

Allison Loudenback, PT, DPT